What is Bot Technology – All You Need to Know About


For the uninitiated, bots are the computer programs, which talk as humans do. They are making our lives convenient and are slowly replacing the apps. Websites today have the facility of bots. For instance, if you ask about the Spectrum Select package on their website, a chatbot will readily give you all the details. And no human interaction is involved in the whole process.

Bots have been around ever since we have the internet. But, only now, they are finally in the spotlight and getting the attention they deserve. If you just want to know about bots or you want to develop one for your business, this primer will enlighten you about the convenience they offer and all that you need to know.

What Exactly are Bots?

Bots/Chatbots are computer programs, which provide automated services via websites and messaging apps. They are capable of responding to queries and questions via voice or text answers in real-time. When you are interacting with Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant, you are actually interacting with a chatbot. When you ask them for recommendations of nearby eateries, sports scores, or local weather, it’s a bot that is enlightening you with all that information. Also, when you interact on retails websites, the pop-up box that appears asking you “How can I help you?” is also a chatbot.

Bots on social media are quite popular and businesses, big or small, have also started incorporating this innovative technology. Bots are customizable to fit the creator’s or company’s needs and preferences.

Simple bots are capable of providing basic information, while Advanced bots are capable of carrying out full conversations.

The Inception of the “Bot” Idea

Alan Turing has the copyrights of the very first idea of AI. He came up with the Turning Test back in the 1950s. AI trials failed continuously until 2014. Then there was an AI model developed in 2014 in Ukraine that passed the Turning Test. And then, many developments followed.

Functions of Bots

Today’s bots help us with ordering food, finding eateries, and shop for clothes, shoes, and so on. Not just that, they also help you save money. For instance, Digit helps you manage your finances by showing you your account balance and upcoming bills. It sends you text messages carrying that information. Chatbots have so many functions. They tell you about the weather. They can even control your appliances. Alexa is one modern example of an advanced chatbot. It is programmed for human conversations and you’ll feel like you are talking to a person instead of a search engine.

Are Bots Smart?

Although bots are not very smart at the moment, it sure is a promising technology. Artificial Intelligence is clearly improving and evolving with every passing day. Even now, people would argue that Artificial Intelligence is high performance. Still, it gets frustrating when you have to make Cortana or Siri understand something. They can only answer your query when they will understand what you are trying to ask them. Similarly, chatbots are not performing very effectively either. With the advancement in the AI, chatbots will improve in performance too.

Will Bots be the Future?

Many companies and developers firmly believe that people are tired of using apps and will prefer bots. They are of the view that instead of installing and using several apps, people would rather prefer a bot or multiple bots. These bots will be able to help them with different tasks. This argument sounds good. But let’s face reality. Apps are not going away anytime soon. Therefore, we can expect the future to be more about better and smarter bots such as Amazon Alexa in our homes, phones, and cars. They will help us automate our lives better. But if you are sick of Siri and looking for something better, then we are not yet there.

Role in Customer Service

The customer service department is expecting a lot from chatbots and their potential in interacting. Brands are extending customer services into Messenger apps. In this particular case, buyers get to have a seamless experience. The conversational thread with a bot is quite enlightening and interactive. Bot-enabled customer care service is extending to other verticals. It is not just about E-commerce anymore. With their ability to notice user’s browsing record and shopping history, you will not need to essentially state and restate your problem. You will not need to re-enter your account numbers every time. The interaction is friendly and personable. This ease of interaction is impacting the overall customer experience.

Bots Are Almost Everywhere

Remember those sci-fi movies where virtual reality tools were everywhere! It is a reality today. We are using them today to make our lives easier. Companies in Silicon Valley are working on the advancement of these tools. Soon enough, you will have more sophisticated, improved, fancier, and more infallible bots. Having them, everywhere sounds exaggerated but it is true. Although it is a little creepy, yet cool. They will even save you from the most dreaded interactions with your internet providers. All you have to do is to ask the Chabot about the Spectrum bundle deals and it will fetch you all the details. No need to have long telephonic talks with the reps.

Welcome to the future!