10 Absolutely Gorgeous Waterfalls in Kerala to Gawk at During Your Trip!

Waterfalls in Kerala

Don’t forget to include in your itinerary some of the best waterfalls in Kerala when you tour this remarkable South Indian state. Besides lush greenery, sprawling tea plantations, and stunning backwaters, Kerala is blessed with an abundance of waterfalls. You will find some incredible waterfalls in Kerala near Alleppey and other popular places as well. You can look for waterfalls in Ernakulam as well. To help you decide where to begin, we’ve listed the best waterfalls in Kerala below. Visit these waterfalls depending on which part of Kerala you’re visiting.

Top Waterfalls of Kerala

While you should definitely explore the gorgeous backwaters of Alleppey, you should also visit some of the most beautiful and best waterfalls in Kerala. Board a couple of cheap last minute flights and come for a quick trip to the state in case you cannot plan an elaborate trip. Take a look below at best Kerala waterfalls you can visit during your trip.

#1. Athirappilly Falls

Falling from a height of about 80 km, this is the highest waterfall in the state and has also been featured in the popular movie Ravan. The Athirappilly waterfalls peak during the monsoon season and offer spectacular views of the Sholayar Hills. Surrounded by verdant greenery, this is among the most peaceful spots to visit in Kerala. There are a couple of stalls set up at the entrance to Athirappilly Falls which serve tea and snacks.

#2. Thommankuthu Falls

This is among the most beautiful and best waterfalls in Kerala. A seven-step watercourse, Thommankuthu Falls is the ideal place to spend quality time with loved ones. Trekking amidst the surrounding forests is a popular activity here. While the falls are best visited during monsoon, it is advisable not to get very close as they can get uncontrollable owing to the high-force water flow. It’s a great one-day trip for couples on a romantic break.

#3. Palaruvi Falls

Palaruvi Waterfalls is among the highest and best waterfalls in Kerala and is a popular weekend getaway spot for locals and tourists alike. The waters accumulate into a small pool at the bottom which is ideal to take a dip in. You will need to trek a bit through thick forests to reach the waterfall. But be assured that the effort will be well worth it. You can also explore the nearby Thenmala Dam and Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary.

#4. Meenmutty Falls

Cascading down gracefully from over 300 meters via multiple tiers, Meenmutty Falls is among the most beautiful waterfalls in Kerala to behold. Since the falls are located amidst a forest, you will need to make a 3 km-trek downhill through harsh rocky terrain to reach the falls. Once you get there, you will be rewarded with mesmerizing views of the Meenmutty Waterfalls and the surrounding greenery.

#5. Vazhachal Falls

Located quite near to Athirappilly Waterfalls, this is among the best waterfalls in Kerala you should visit when arriving in the state on business class flights. Not only is the stream itself stunning to look at, but its surrounding area is home to some incredible and exotic flora and fauna. If you’re an avid birdwatcher, you will be glad to know that this is the only Western Ghats’ place where at least four different types of Hornbill can be found.

#6. Perunthenaruvi Falls

Formed on the spectacular Pampa River, this is among the very best waterfalls in Kerala to visit. Waters flow down from a height of approximately 80 to 100 feet passing through a rocky bed and making a pool via multiple streams. The sight is incredible to behold and one that you must not miss! You can swim in the pool if you like or just spend a little while taking in the beauty of the Perunthenaruvi Waterfalls and its lush green surroundings.

#7. Power House Falls

Just like Athirappilly Falls, this is among the most popular and best waterfalls in Kerala you can visit. The spot is blessed with charming mountain ranges and is an ideal place for family picnics. It’s a great stopover on the way to the famed Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. Nearest to Munnar, the waterfall can be reached by making a downward trek. Reportedly, the waterfall stream originated from the popular Devikulam Hills. You can enjoy a swim in the pool at the bottom.

#8. Sentinel Rock Falls

Popularly referred to as the Soochipara Waterfall, this is perhaps the most ravishing of all best waterfalls in Kerala to look at. Cascading downward, the waters fall on sharp granite spikes at the bottom. Thereby, caution is advised if you wish to explore the pool formed by waters flowing down. You will need to make an approximately 2 km-trek to reach this ravishing waterfall. While the path may be rocky and somewhat slippery, the effort will be well worth the visit.

#9. Chethalayam Falls

If you’re looking for offbeat options, this is among the best waterfalls in Kerala for you. Among the seasonal and smallest Kerala waterfalls, Chethalayam Falls offers visitors the calm ambiance and privacy they seek. However, you will need to make a 4 km-trek from Kidangad in order to reach the falls. Visit post monsoon as the waterfall is moderately dry during this time. It will give you the opportunity to hike up rocks that lead to the gorgeous waterfall.

#10. Valara Falls

This is among the most stunning and best waterfalls in Kerala to visit when arriving in the region on cheap flights to India. Located on the way to Munnar, the Valara Waterfalls are more than 1,000 feet high and offer visitors astounding views of the surrounding region. Trekking is a popular adventure activity here. Do keep in mind that if you visit during monsoon, the waterfall can be found at its fullest best. If you visit during the summer, water flow will be less and trekking will be easier.