Trip to Australia: Always Expect the Unexpected


Australia is a top destination preference for many tourists. I know you also have it in your bucket, and that is why you want to know what you can expect as a first-time or returning visitor. Regardless of your travel needs, it is vital to understand what you are about to meet on your next trip to Australia.

In this post, I will elaborate some of the things that you will come across in Australia. The expectations are those that are uncommon to travellers visiting the region. You will understand how you will need to prepare yourself accordingly when visiting Australia. It may not matter what your travel aims are, but as long as you are a visitor, get prepared.

#1. English Vocabulary May Differ

While most conversations are easy to get along with, sometimes I have to try and pick the right term to fit in the context when speaking with the Aussies. Depending on where you come from, you would notice a difference in the words that apply for various items and activities you will need during your visit to Australia.

For instance, when talking about trekking or hiking, I have to use the term “bushwalking” which is common in Australia and New Zealand. “Trek” is a term used to describe the movement from one point to another on foot. I had to familiarise myself with the Australian English to get along during our conversations with local people. Here are some of the common slang words they use down there.

#2. Australia is Huge

Unlike many cities or countries I have been touring around the world, Australia is a continent. When planning a multi-destination tour in Australia, a long duration is necessary for the whole vacation or term. For instance, moving from Perth to Brisbane would take me almost 6 hours by flight. There is no need for thinking about road travel on that route.

During my tour, I have to choose my destination depending on the activity I am going to engage in. It is ideal to visit a city where I will carry out my activities without having to travel a long distance. When booking a travel ticket, I have to consider an international airport that is in or close to my destination. This would help me avoid other inter-city movement expenses.

#3. Tipping is “Wrong”

From the various places I have visited in the past, I learned that tipping is (maybe) the only way to show appreciation for the good services I received. But when visiting Australia, the expectations are different. Here, workers are paid generously. I think they are among the top paying countries in the world, with a minimum wage of $18.93 per hour.

As I have been buying drinks and snacks around the cities, I discovered that I have to collect every single coin that remains on top of my bill. All the time they had to remind me to pick my change. Guess what? After my first trip, I saved enough to buy the bash plates for my Honda crf motorcycle. My dirt biking experience is now better as I have no worries about my engine getting damaged during the jumps.

#4. Travelling in Summer? The Sun is Too Hot

Summer is the common season for travelling around the world. I came to discover, however, that Australia is quite different. Even though we use the same sun all around the globe, Australia experiences a higher intensity. And please note that this sun can burn your skin badly. Sunscreen is mandatory on my packing list when headed for Australia.

Whenever I go for outdoor activity, I have to use protective clothing to cover up so that my skin remains hidden from the scorching sun. To enjoy the atmosphere while sightseeing, it is ideal to rest in a shade or carry a personal umbrella. It helps me to view the whole surrounding without “frying” myself in the summer sun.

Another thing to remember is that the hot sun dehydrates rather quickly. Whenever I have to go out, I have to carry my water bottle in my backpack. I take a sip after a few minutes to keep my mouth, throat, and body hydrated. I also ensure that I go for outdoor activities where drinking water is accessible.

#5. Choose Your Camping Destination Wisely

Owing to the varied climate in Australia, I discovered the need to choose my destination wisely to avoid inconveniences. In Summer, Australia experiences lots of rain in some parts while others experience a hot and dry season. The variation is due to the expanse of the territory.

Both the dry weather and the rainy have inconveniences when going on a camping trip. You see, the rainy season part will be inconvenient for camping because it can flood an area and make it impossible to pitch the tents. On the other hand, the dry season places can easily catch bushfires.

There are various spots where you can camp. Remember the authorities should allow campfires in the place you are pitching your tent. Melbourne alone has more than 10 campsites that allow fires. Upon arrival, find a taxi with universal roof rack has to offer, to carry your camping tent and gear to your campsite.

#6. Budget for Your Portable WiFi Hotspot

I know that people who come from America and Europe are used to high-speed internet. In Australia, however, there is the inconvenience of poor internet penetration and speeds. To get fast internet to connect back home, I had to visit a public library. However, you know that only texting is allowed in such places. Another place to access a good internet connection is at McDonald’s.

I know that these are inconvenient, and I recommend that you get your own WiFi hotspot The hotspot will also suffice when visiting other parts of the world like Africa where the internet is a big problem even in big cities.

Summing Up

I used to think that Australia is a developed country where everything is smooth. The reality about the internet is news that I came to discover on my trip. Maybe I should prepare to stay offline throughout my visit to make my vacation even more interesting.

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Rebecca has been closely studying the travel industry trends from quite some time. Intrigued by the booming growth of this sector, she takes interest in penning down her views providing quality insight on current travel trends and also likes to write about food and beverages, particularly wine.