Top 5 Shirts that look best with Jeans

Shirts that look best with Jeans

What kind of person does not have jeans in their wardrobe, right? Our love for them force us to keep buying more and more jeans even when we have enough of them already. But the problem with having too many jeans, or any piece of clothing really, is that you don’t know how to style them. You face the same question even if you don’t have many jeans because they are a versatile piece of clothing and you can wear them any day of the week. You can wear jeans to any event too, as long as you choose the right top with it.

But the more we wear something in our daily lives, the more our fear of looking the same every day increases. Sure, if you pair your jeans with button downs every day, you will look like you wear the same outfit everywhere. The key is to experiment frequently so you can find out what works best with something. Choosing the right shirt to go with your jeans can be a difficult decision to make, but not if you consider the type of shirts that are available in the market today. Another way to make this choice easy is to select a shirt according to your plans. You can wear the same jeans to work and to the club if you know what to pair it with.

So, without further discussion, let’s take a look at the top five shirts that look best with jeans:


If you are a fan of skinny jeans and don’t know what to pair it with, then it is about time to give a denim shirt a chance. A denim dress shirt tucked in your skinny jeans will give you the slightly professional, but a hell of a lot of stylish look that is going to impress everyone. With a black leather bag on your shoulder and a long necklace will make you look a lot better. Once you wear your heels and see yourself in the mirror, you will realize the true power denim-on-denim holds.

But this is one way of pairing a denim shirt with your jeans. If you want a complete party look then go for a light denim shirt and pair it with dark gray skinny jeans. Leave the top four buttons of your shirt open, wear your favorite shades, and pick up your best brown bag. Wear the heels of your choice and you are ready to face the day.

Try White Differently

Everyone has at least one white t-shirt in their closet but none of us think it can make us look good. What if it can? A lot of models and actresses have been rocking white tees for a while now. It is about time you caught up with them. With the right accessories, you can look the most stylish even in a white t-shirt. You can pair it with slim-fit black jeans and be ready in minutes. Make sure all your accessories complement the monotone vibes and no one will be able to turn their eyes away from you. Although heels look good with any outfit, it would be nice to try black loafers with this black and white look. And if you are confused about your white t-shirt, you can always wear a long coat or jacket over it or you can style it in many different ways as well!

Be Sexy with Lace Tops

Many women think that lace tops aren’t in fashion anymore but, they never left. A lace top will always be relevant as long as you know how to style it. If you are heading to the club, you need something that will make you look sexy and confident. And nothing can do it better than a lace top. The perfect way to style a lace stop is by pairing it with ripped jeans. But if you are not a fan of ripped jeans, you can also wear your lace top with skinny jeans. Don’t forget to wear stilettos and jewelry and you will be ready to hit the club.

Silk is On Runways

Models have been wearing silk blouses a lot this year so why not give it a try yourself? If you are going for a minimalistic look, you can get a plan silk shirt. But there are many designs and styles of silk shirts to choose from and if you are getting a light-colored shirt, pair it with dark colored jeans. You can also get a silk blouse with a pattern or go an extra step by choosing a tie neck silk blouse with pattern. In either case, you can be sure that the shirt will make you trendy, not to mention the comfort a silk shirt offers. If you get a full sleeved blouse, you don’t have to worry about too many accessories. Wear pearl earrings and style your hair to be ready for your commitment of the day.

Wrap Top is Fighting Heat

Do you want to be able to show a little skin because of the hot weather but don’t want to pick plain crop tops? Then wrap tops are here to save you. Wrap tops in floral prints with high-waisted jeans is what every Instagram model is wearing these days. But if you want to be different from the crowd, there is no need to worry. Wrap tops come in a lot of different colors and fabrics. So, you can always opt for the plain one. And you can wear them with any type of jeans. If you get a brighter colored top, pair it with light colored jeans. If you contrast your outfit this way, it will look a lot more fashionable. Don’t forget to add accessories to the look and pick the perfect pair of shoes to complete it.

It is time for you to stop doubting your jeans and start pairing them with the trendiest shirts to look as chic as ever.