5 Tips to Stock a Bar for Holiday Party

Holiday Party

Organizing parties in the middle of a busy schedule might leave you in guilt, but the ones enjoyed under the shed of holidays are far more superior and enjoyable, aren’t they? Holiday parties are the most fun when incorporated a little booze into it. Mixing and serving drinks to your guests will eloquently leave your guests with a fuzzy yet happy mood making the whole get together success for you.

A cocktail party is a foolproof way of having a great time with your friends, colleagues and loved ones. Sipping on your favorite drinks and enjoying the company of your close ones can be an enjoyable affair for the holiday season. Though organizing such a party will demand prior planning and preparations. In order to serve your guests without any trouble, we have assembled five excellent tips for you to stock up your bar for holiday parties, following which you surely are going to excel in the game of hosting parties among everyone else.

Know your preferences: 

The first and foremost action is to decide which type of liquor do you need for the party. You can choose the type of liquor according to the genre of guests you are catering. Also, it is preferable if you ask your friends what they like. As a host, it is important for you to know their preferences too while remembering their choices beforehand, will decrease the chances of them getting disappointed at the absence of their favorite drink. It is a safe option when catering to guests that are your important colleagues or high authority officials.</b

The amount of liquor:

The most important question of the event is how much amount of liquor do you need to cater to the needs of your guests satisfactorily. Now is the time to open up your cabinet and stock it up with an amazing variety of liquors. To start up with it, estimate a budget for yourself to list out all the possible variables that you want to purchase for the event. Estimation is the key, so check the number of guests attending your event. Knowing the crowd will help you with ordering a certain estimated amount, which lessens the chance of you running out of drinks. According to expert party planners, it is advisable to follow the estimations given below when serving a particular amount of guests.

For 25 People

*Beer: 60 bottles

*Wine and champagne: 9 bottles

*Hard liquor: 3 bottles

For 50 People

*Beer: 120 bottles

*Wine and champagne: 18 bottles

*Hard liquor: 6 bottles

For 100 People

*Beer: 240 bottles

*Wine and champagne: 36 bottles

*Hard liquor: 11 bottles

Crockery arrangement and bar gear: 

If you are organizing a cocktail holiday party on your own, then we don’t expect you to have a designated bartender who is ready with all his tools and supplies to serve you. The situation makes it important for you to prepare all the pieces of equipment that are essential for the bar beforehand. Here is a list of tools that you must have at your drinking station


*Cone strainer

*Ice bucket

*Bottle opener


*A drink shaker

*Bar Spoon

Although these bar tools are necessary to have, what is more, essential to have is a large stock of glasses. Whatever happens, you must never run out of glasses in a liquor party. Prepare mugs, flutes, shots and stemmed cocktail glasses for your guests. Select glasses according to the choice of your drink, for instance, if you’re serving a hard liquor such as  Courvoisier Cognac then it must be served in the short-stemmed balloon or rock glasses only. In case you are tight on your budget and throwing an informal cocktail event, then you can settle on colored polystyrene cups. It is a casual option that is going to make sure that you never run out of cups to serve your guests.

Garnishes and mixers:

Mixers and garnishes are a necessity to have when arranging a cocktail event. Your event is already a flop if you have not stocked these up in your bar. So, we are here to save your day and provide you with a few tips to add these on your drinking station. Mixers are a basic need when offering a cocktail. People often add a dash of simple fruit juices and flavored sodas to enhance the overall flavor of the drink. Simple juices such as orange, cranberry, pomegranate, or lemon and lime are a must have in your stocks.

Talking about garnishes, you must always prepare a bowl of freshly cut lemon, oranges wedges, cherries, and olives to serve with the drinks. Also, keep a bowl of salt and pepper ready right before the party, so no one has to search their way through your kitchen. Garnishes are used to lessen the bitterness of the drink, and they compliment it well too.

Non- alcoholic options for your guests:

Every party has a few guests that do not consume alcohol. Make sure they don’t feel left out. Prepare non-alcoholic options such as soft drinks or sodas. A better option for non-alcoholic guests is to offer mocktails such as virgin mojitos, fruit punches, fizzy drinks, and many such fun drinks. As a host, it is your humble duty to entertain and serve your guests thoroughly according to their preferences. You would never want to let any guests leave without having a good time. Offer them your company and a chilled glass of beverage, so they don’t feel left out and enjoy the most of your event just like everyone else.

Following these tips beforehand will surely reduce your troubles that you are bulked up with as a host. So sip on your favorite drink and lounge comfortably knowing that you have the perfect tips to turn up into the best cocktail party host ever!