Top 9 Strategies to Burn Fat and Keep It Off

Strategies to Burn Fat

Burning fats in the body is a process that requires patience and determination. However, the human body is an adaptive machine whereby you can implement new strategies, and they work positively towards burning fats. Today there are several strategies meant to melt body fats quickly and keep it off entirely for both genders.

High level of fats in the body is stressing, as it causes fatigue, sleeplessness, and prone to severe diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart diseases. To avoid these risks, follow the tips below and actualize competently.

#1. 5 minutes of exercise

Make it a routine to do a five minutes exercise every morning. The human body has a metabolic thermostat known as metastatic. The best time to activate your metastatic is in the morning. Make sure that each day you send a signal to rev up your metastatic. For example, you can do a light, full-body activity or push-ups.

#2. Reduce your caloric intake gradually

The human body is an adaptive machine that needs continuous training so avoid making a vast calorie cut once; do it step by step giving the body an allowance to adapt.  According to a study, cutting a huge amount of calories once will make the body to kick into starvation mode and your metabolism will slow, making it impossible to burn fat.

#3. Eat more fats

To food lovers, this is interesting, right? Eating enough healthy fats will be a help to lose fat, recover from lost muscles, and build muscles quickly with no strain. Healthy fats are essential to your heart, and they also have numerous health benefits to your body. Good fats for weight loss includes polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats.

#4. Fill your tummy with whole grains

Consuming whole grains makes you full for a long time since they take time to digest compared to simple carbohydrates. This helps more since you will gain less weight. Whole grains consist of brown rice, dark bread, wheat germ, whole-grain cereals, and oatmeal.

The relationship between your body, food, and weight is very intricate. If your goal is losing weight, put this evident-based transformation into action.

#5. Use of Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone is a hormone accountable for promoting muscle growth for both women and men. A lack of testosterone leads to weight gain. In a study, testosterone helps in breaking down fat by boosting muscle growth, which, as a result, catalyzes the burning of calories at a high rate. To ensure you maintain an optimal level of testosterone, you can take testosterone booster such as Testosterone enanthate. It can be taken as a tablet or injection.

Using a hormone booster should be to those having a deficiency in testosterone. You should take it as prescribed by a specialist because misuse may cause serious health problems.

#6. Eat six smaller meals per day

Eating a portion of meals throughout the day is an excellent way to build muscles and burn fats. This frequent eating prevents your body from entering a starvation mode, which occurs when you have three meals a day, leaving too much time in between. Be sure that there will be an increased rate of resting metabolism. Also, having a large lunch at one sitting leads to weight gain.

#7. Stay off the scale

Sometimes scale can be frustrating. It’s ubiquitous that your body can lose fat and gain muscles as well, and then when you step on a weighing scale, you get stressed. It’s advisable to stay off the scale and consider your body composition, appearance in the mirror, and how clothes fit.

The critical thing to do is train right, eat right, build muscles, and lose fats. Only use the scale as a guide.

#8. Train with weight

Resistance training such as weight training is the best way for fat loss. The benefit of weight training is that it increases the calories your body burns many hours after a workout.

Note that the higher the muscles you have, the higher the calories the body burns in a day. Training helps in preventing the weight you lose from converting into muscles.

#9. Do High-Intensity Intervals (HIIT)

Swapping a short duration of high-intensity exercise along with brief resting period results in excellent weight loss in no time. For example, jumping rope is the best interval-style, which you can do for minutes then rest periods. It’s essential to warm up before intervals to avoid risks.


Losing weight is a task that you have to decide and implement. The above strategies may seem difficult before you start, but once you start, you will be over the moon celebrating your achievement.

Weight loss and fitness are not for everyone, and it’s advisable that you consult a specialist if you are not sure. Always listen to your body, don’t force things but take one step at a time.