5 Reasons to Choose Germany for your Masters in Business Administration

MBA Germany

1. The German Economy:

Students studying in MBA colleges in Germany have an advantage of studying in the strongest and one of the most steadily growing economies in the Europe. The country contributes to 21% of Eurozone GDP and has the lowest unemployment rate in the Europe at just over 5%. The average unemployment rate in Europe is at around 11%.

Both this numbers mean the Germany is always in the need of skilled and educated workers. Along with Germans, English speaking professionals are also required in the major finance and business centers across the country. Compared to the whole Europe, Germany is ahead in GDP and growing in the right directions

2. Research & Development in Germany

The country spends over 80 billion euros every year in the public universities and public funded research Universities. There are as many as 800 in across the country. All of this make Germany a leader in R&D investment globally. The country attracts the best of the talented students from all around the world with more than half million professionals working in research and development. Students studying at top MBA colleges in Germany have access to these R&D at their universities, and other research institutions.

3. The Geographic Advantage

Geographically, Germany has an advantage of being at the crossroads of East and West Europe. Being a member of a market like European Union also helps Germany in the process. Germany has a wide range of goods and services to offer, and at the same time, has a large market base full of customers. There is also enough opportunities, not just for established giants, but also for the small timers and entrepreneurs to make the most of opportunities that comes with being in Germany. Another great reason to study business in Germany, and start your journey in the country itself.

4. A Perfect Entrepreneurial Environment:

The Economic freedom in Germany is always on the rise. The Entrepreneurs in Germany have one of the most open and transparent environment in the world. Out of all countries in European Union, 40% of all the patents are from Germany. Germany is a perfect example on how you expand your knowledge and use it to create something practical to solve real life problems. The open and accepting market of Germany is a perfect canvas to study some essential business and management skills and move forward with them.

5. Life off the Campus:

Germany is known for its castles and museums all around the country. The country has rivers, forests, mountain ranges and beaches on the north. For the adventurer in you, Germany can be a perfect country to be in your summer break. The Oktoberfest hosts as many as six million people in Munich and runs for 16 to 18 days. Berlin, the capital is home to the film industry, a cuisine to experience and a happening night life. The Summer Fireworks festival on the river rhine, one of the most important rivers in Europe, is a sight to cherish, too.