Best PDF Copy Protection Removal Software in 2019 for any Windows OS


Portable Document Format (PDF) provides the best security as compared to other files. When the user encrypts the PDF with a strong password then others could not access it without specifying the correct password. Also, restrictions like a copy, print, edit, and extract can be added to protect the file from any modifications. But, at times it is needed to copy data from a secured PDF document, but due to restrictions, a user can’t copy the data. Hence, they start searching for the best PDF copy protection removal software which can help them to remove content copying security from PDF files. But, before proceeding towards the solution to remove copy restriction from PDF document let’s know more about PDF security.

There are two types of password security applied to PDF document. One is owner level and the other one is the user level.

An owner level security includes restrictions like printing, editing, copying, printing and data extraction.

While with the user level security we can restrict someone to open the PDF document. Without applying the correct user-level password file cannot be opened.

Quick Glance About PDF Copy Restrictions

If the PDF document is having content copying restrictions then in such cases a user will be unable to copy content from the PDF document. Therefore, in such cases, it is necessary to have the PDF copy protection removal software. Once the security is removed by the tool users can easily copy the content from the PDF files. Thus, in the next section, we have described a simple solution that not only remove copy protection from PDF but also other types of securities.

To check other restrictions as well open the PDF with Adobe Reader DC >> Go to Properties >> Security >>View Document Restrictions Summary.

Which is the Best PDF Copy Protection Remover Software

SysTools PDF Unlocker software is the specially designed utility to remove content copying security from PDF files. By using this professional software the user can unlock PDF files for edit, copy, print, and data extraction. Its user-friendly interface makes it stands above all other available software. It is very easy to use, even a non-technical user can use it without much technical knowledge. With the Business & Enterprise License of the software, a user can remove copy protection from PDF files in batch. Apart from all this, the utility is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows OS.

Other Advantageous Features of the Tool

1. Remove Other Security settings

Apart from removing copy protection from PDF document, the user can also remove other types of security like print, edit and extract. With the single file, mode removes protection from the single PDF document. After unlocking the PDF file, you can save it to the desired location.

2. Remove PDF Password Protection

With this PDF copy protection removal software, a user can also remove user level password from secured PDF files. Initially, the user has to apply the password and once it is entered the tool will create an unlocked PDF document. The resultant file will not prompt again for a password to open.

3. Remove Restrictions from PDF files in Batch

Use this PDF copy protection removal software & remove copy paste protection from PDF files in bulk. Users don’t need to perform the process individually for each file. At a time insert multiple PDF files & begin the PDF unlocking process.

Note: To remove content copying security from PDF in bulk order Business or Enterprise license of the tool.

4. Show Real Time Progress Detail

While loading the document, the software generates the preview of all the associated permissions. It will immediately display the current status of PDF file permission in ‘Before’ & ‘After’ columns respectively. The permission status preview will be changed when the file gets unlocked.


1. Remove copy protection from PDF in bulk at a time.
2. It is a safe and secure approach to remove owner level security
3. Preview the restrictions present before starting the unlocking process
4. The utility is compatible with Adobe Acrobat 9.0 and below versions.
5. Safely disable PDF protected mode and enable content copying in PDF files
6. Can be successfully installed on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP and 2000.


Users cannot remove copy paste protection from PDF document if the file is corrupted or damaged.


When PDF file contains restrictions then it becomes very difficult for the normal user to copy data from it. Hence, there arises a need for some simple solution to remove copy protection from PDF document. Hence, considering all things in mind we have discussed best PDF copy protection removal software which can help the user to remove copy paste protection from PDF.