Everything you need to know about Apple iPad 2018

Apple iPad

The latest device from the Cupertino giant Apple is the all-new iPad 2018. Apple’s new iPad can be dubbed as the next generation tablet. The 9.7-inch display the new Apple iPad has great features and is packed with performance.

Apple, a company that is famous for blending fashion, design and technology together has done a splendid job in designing the 2018 iPad. It’s a beautiful design Apple iPad can draw the attention of your eyes with its sleek and modern design.

Though there are several best Android tablets under 10000 that offer similar features, they don’t give the premium experience that is delivered by Apple devices.

So let’s take a brief look at Apple’s new iPad 2018 which is a beautiful beast with a powerful performance.

This article will be featuring all the pros and cons and the design aspects of Apple’s latest gadget.


At first sight, Apple’s new 2018 iPad resembles the previous model in terms of looks but it is a bit thinner than the previous version. The latest version supports the Apple pencil that can be attached to the tablet the help of magnets.

The display is almost the same as the 2017 version but in terms of performance there is a lot more improvement in the touch sensors and also it supports the stylus. Apple always tries to deliver the best and it just did the same with their 2018 iPad as well.

The display of the latest iPad how was the great colour contrast that delivers beautiful clarity and sharpness. The 9.7-inch massive display is a perfect screen for designers studios and other production houses. It is also Good for entertainment and office use.

Definitely, the new iPad looks awesome if it is in your hands additionally you get that brand value that Apple has.

The next-gen Apple Pencil!

When coupled with a stylus or a pencil tablet can instantly turn to address your needs of productivity. Stylus for a device similar to it, when used with a tablet, can really be handy in many cases.

Probably this is why Apple has created the next generation Apple pencil that is far ahead than its competitors.

Apple pencil incorporates next-generation technology.

Apple pencil really looks elegant when you hold it and work with it. It is Sleek and gives you a similar experience of writing on a paper.

Talking about the specifications Apple pencil works really smooth on the touch device and it even supports multi-touch displays.

It comes really handy if you are a studio engineer or into multimedia production. You can easily use the pencil to finish your artworks and other traffic-related works.

Additional it also offers luxury and comfort. You don’t need to carry your not bad sentence anymore if you just on this tablet and Apple pencil.

One important thing about the Apple pencil is it is affordable stylus from Apple also it is not compatible with other tablets except that with iPad and the iPad Pro models.


This iPad features a powerful 6 generation Apple A10 fusion chip. The A10 fusion chip is a massive improvement over the previous generation of Apple’s processors.

The performance of the A10 fusion chip is quite smooth and fluidic even if you do intense multitasking and graphic works.

While the iPad pro version sports A10X fusion chip which is, even more, better than A10. The performance of the A10 chip is quite satisfactory.

The battery life on the Apple iPad 2018 is around 10 years with moderate usage.

The audio quality is also decent. Though it doesn’t have the 4 stereo speakers which are in iPad Pro, it still delivers better sound.

Other specifications:

Apart from the above specifications, Apple’s new iPad comes with several connectivity options including the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi this iPad doesn’t support the smart connector option leaving you run out of the options that support smart connect surprisingly you can search for a keyboard that can magnetically connect to the device.


This new Apple’s 6th generation iPad is a great deal as it is perfectly priced. It is offering more under less price. Unlike other Apple devices that are too expensive it is a relatively cheap in price when it’s offerings are considered.

The 128 GB 6th generation Apple iPad is available for 35,000 INR and the 32 GB variant is available for 27,000 INR.

For an Apple device it is relatively less as you get premium offering from Cupertino giant.


If you are looking for a premium Apple device for your office productivity this iPad is a perfect choice under budget although the iPad Pro is better than the iPad it is very much expensive then this did 2018 Apple iPad cost you around $329 for 32GB model of iPad 9.7 and it cost $429 for the 128GB version

There is a great difference in the pricing of Apple iPad and Apple iPad Pro the Apple iPad Pro starts at a price point of $649 for 64 GB variant.

If you are looking for a budget device that supports Apple pencil then the 9.7 inches Apple 2018 iPad will never disappoint you. So check out for discounts on various eCommerce sites and grab your Apple gadget right now.