Jennifer Lawrence’s Workout Plan for a Toned Body

jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence’s body, her impeccable posture, and curves are no doubt tough to ignore. That would make you wonder she must follow a strict diet. The truth is, this Oscar winner hates to diet. To maintain her body for playing the role of Mystique in X Men: First Class, it is fair to believe it must have required her to control her diet. You will be surprised to learn that she didn’t follow a diet plan! In fact, she only followed a plan that takes 15 minutes a day. This plan was developed by her trainer, Dalton Wong, and she is very thankful to him for it.

She says she needs food to stand on her feet otherwise, she doesn’t have enough energy to get through the day. But Lawrence has still managed to maintain a great body by eating healthy and living a delicious life. Let’s have a look at her routine so that you can also get Jennifer Lawrence body:

Follow a 15-minute workout plan

It is ok if you don’t have 60 minutes in a day to exercise. Start with 15 minutes a day. Pick the exercises that are right for your body. Make sure you stick to this plan without any excuses.

Perform body weight training

If weight lifting is not your thing, then go for body weight training. Perform 3 sets of 15 reps of squats, pile, planks, jumping jacks, squats, hip thrusts, wall sits, and calf raises. This way, you would be doing a full body workout by using nothing but your body weight and muscle strength.

Walk or run in the morning

If you have trouble waking up in the morning, then you are not alone. Jennifer Lawrence goes through the same morning routine but she has a way to shake off her sleep. She goes for a morning run or sometimes a walk. This helps release endorphins that keep you happy and productive all day long.

Stay hydrated

To make your skin glow, you need to stay hydrated. Water flushes toxins out of your body and even prevents constipation. Your digestion and metabolism improves. Jennifer Lawrence takes salt with every healthy beverage as it helps cure health problems. You can add salt to lemon water, coconut water or even plain water.

Control your portions

If you can’t control the portions of food you consume, you will never have a toned body. Jennifer Lawrence certainly likes chicken wings and fries but she takes them in a moderate proportion. She does not cross her calorie limit of the day. Whenever you eat, follow the rule of two i.e. eat 2 balanced out courses. Have the starter as the starter but use the other starter as your main course.

Eat healthy snacks

Jennifer Lawrence is a foodie and she loves snacking too but she chooses to consume healthy snacks only. She is allowed to have popcorns, apple slices with walnut butter and hummus as snacks. These healthy food habits have kept Jennifer Lawrence’s body in shape. If you want to look as great as her, that’s what you must try too.

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