6 Smart Ideas to Use Pendant Lights in your Living Room

Pendant Lights

Minimalism is a trend now. With personalities like Marie Kondo, minimalism has found a new definition. It is sleek, chic, and sophisticated. This concept gives your room a much more spacious look. It is easy to achieve looks like minimalism. This concept requires paying attention to details. A little change in the patterns on the walls; adding some mini pendant lights; painting the walls with light colors can make a lot of difference. Minimalism is all about simplicity.

One of the most trend-worthy ways, of making your indoors stand out is to add some modern lights. Chandeliers are luxurious options for you. But, if you are looking for something simpler then, pendant lights should be your choice.

Pendant lights scream class, sophistication, and simplicity. Installing them can be a little tricky; you can play around with your options or you can even seek some professional assistance. The goal is to keep it simple and stylish.

One might think that pendant lights look good only in the living area; this is a myth. You will find so many types of pendant lights that you can install in different rooms of your house. There is no doubt that the living space lets you play with the options freely. This is, in fact, the reason why people tend to restrict the use of pendant lights in the living space only.

#1. Light it up:

Unlike the lavish chandeliers, pendant lights don’t need to be at the center space. This helps you to utilize the corners of the room too. They come in different shapes and sizes and hence can be put to use for different areas of your living room. But remember not to overdo it. One living room shouldn’t be crowded with three-four varieties of pendant lights. Using too many variants will sabotage the simple look of the lights.

#2. Work on the focus:

The living area always has a focus. It can be the space next to the fireplace; it can be the area enclosed within the sofas, or it can be a space where you have set up a beautiful rug. Pendant lights are best in bringing out the aesthetic essence of any room. These lights have got much more to do than just brighten up your living area. They add to the homely atmosphere.

#3. In sync:

Pendant lights can be played around with a little. If you are not big on using just a single type then you can add another variant. The issue with these lights is that too many pieces in one place can sabotage the whole look of these pretty lights. But using too few in numbers will leave your living space dim lighted. The lighting up needs to be done tactfully. A juxtaposition of both pendant lights and some in-ceiling lights will be enough to complete the whole aesthetic look of your living space.

#4. The ceiling speaks:

Pendant lights are often not enough to complete a look all on its own. People who are fond of fancy ceilings can add some Accent lights to create a dreamy ambiance. Adding some pendant lights, suiting your preference, will set the mood for a perfect evening with friends.

#5. Dine under the starry lights:

If your living area has a dining corner, then worry not, pendant lights can take the whole set to another level. The dining table will serve as a focus for this area. Whether your table- top is a glass or an artistic wooden piece, doesn’t matter; pendant lights will make both look equally exquisite. The wooden table will definitely pair up better with some yellowish pendant lights. On the other hand, a glass table would look better with some white lights inside some glass sphere. Pairing up is very important.

#6. Think outside the box, think beyond the room:

Lights are something which adds to the whole room. It can be those minute details that your room can use. For instance, you can use in-built accent lights in your shelves in the living room. Along with that add some pendant lights to finish the look and add some more lights to your living space. Some living rooms have bookshelves too. Such an area can use a little more light than usual; without stripping the room off its simplicity. This has to be done smartly. You can give a try to moon lamps for your study table.


Pendant lights are so versatile that adding them to your living space will heighten the mood and ambiance. These lights are so beautiful that you can install it just to heighten the aesthetic visuals of your room. Simple and artistic pendant lights are enough to be the focus of your room. These lights, when used with dimmers, can change the mood and set it right for a date, or even a get together with family and friends. These lights can be great for your work table, on top of a kitchen island, next to a fireplace as a reading light, there is no limit to the ways you can experiment with it. These lights come with sophistication and elegance that light up your room.