How to Perfectly Pitch Your Guest Posts?

Guest Posts

Today in this modern age man has reached the moon and is sending signals to earth via technology and the Internet has blossomed in recent years. With this recent outburst of the internet, most people want to become an influencer, a blogger and content creators. Where in blogging one has heard of the term ‘guest posts’ or blogs or how to pitch them to sites for links in order to gain an audience for their blog.

Let’s first understand the term Guest posting. After some research from the web, I came to know that guest posting in simple words is where bloggers write or create unique and original posts on another blog along with the mention of the owner or author.
Now here are some steps that will be helpful to pitch your guests posts.

The need -‘Why you want to write guest posts’

Before even before pitching or writing the blog ask yourself ‘why’ you want to write a guest post and pitch it. Know the reason why you want to write so that you will get into the right mindset. By having a purpose for your business you can make strategies and you won’t end up wasting your time unless you’re having fun

The location-‘Where you want to pitch’

After you understand the need why you want to write. Research on the web where or whom you want to pitch for your content. Suppose for business expansion and gaining audience you want to search for popular blogs or websites for maximum reach. Google about the sites which suit your business goals. Go ahead and click the links! OR simply use top services like degions.

After visiting the link(s) it will be easy to figure out the desirable site for your ideas and whether the blogger will let you create posts for the respective website or blog or you will have to offer your services to have audience in return.

Observe site(s)

Observe and research about the website rules and regulations regarding guest posts,pitching and blogging. Also it will be beneficial to check out the type of posts their pattern and popularity and topic you are interested in pitching for your cause. If your topic is already present on website then it’s advisable not to repeat the topic. Please avoid and don’t take that road!

The topic of your choice-‘What you want to write’

The topic is the deciding factor and acts as a deal breaker in guest posting. Choose the topic which fits your cause and have a connection with the website and their audience. Having the connection will help you attract the audience for maximum outreach. If the posts you write are different from the topic you pitched then your post won’t stay on the site for long. Yes! Your content will be removed if there is no relevance.
Simply, just the topic needs to be in tune with the theme of the blog.

Recommendation(only for experienced bloggers)

If you have worked on guest posts or blogging in past then you can get someone to recommend you as guest contributor. By someone I mean you can reach out to the editor(s) you’ve worked for or your own audience to whisper a good word for you where you want to work.
It will increase the chances for your pitch to be accepted. It works!

Here comes the pitch

Start with writing the pitch email after the research regarding website and topic is done and you’ve decided the topic you want to pitch. Spend more time on writing headline and less on pitch. Mention your original thoughts towards the editor(why you like the website) and how your content will keep the audience more attracted than usual.
Keep in mind that the editor will care about the headline you’ve pitched than your introduction.
Be precise, genuine and to the point about your personalized pitch so that you won’t end up wasting time of the editor. Short and sweet!

Quality of email

It’s not a deal breaker but having a business email and a good email signature won’t do harm. It will separate you from spams and generate authenticity in your pitch.

Watch the progress of your pitch

After you are done emailing your pitch to the editor, watch its progress. Where your pitch actually is and has the editor seen it or not. Be confident and provide some samples to prove your worth any time when the editor starts questioning your expertise and experience on the topic you’ve pitched.

Start writing the blog

If your pitch is accepted then you can start writing the post. Remember to create your genuine posts and keep their website rules in mind just to avoid removal of your content from their website.

Now go ahead and use the opportunity to write posts and create content as opportunities are lost in blink on an eye but regret can last a lifetime.

Hope this helps!