How to Find and Remove Advanced Identity Protector Completely

Advanced Identity Protector Completely

Advanced Identity Protector – a fake tool that seeks to mislead its victims and swindle their money

Advanced Identity Protector is a window’s application that portrays itself as a safeguard tool for your online identity.

The inventor of this application offers numerous features like scanning of the web browsers, emails, and registry entries.

As an application, Advanced Identity Protector proclaims to wipes out traces of personal information used on the browser’s online forms.

At first glance, Advanced Identity Protector comes out as a useful tool to protect personal information while surfing the web.

But on the contrary, there were reports that this program is linked to some adware and potentially unwanted program (PUP).

Additionally, few browser redirects compel its victims to reach Advanced Identity Protector’s official website and trick them to download and pay for this program forcefully.

On some occasions, the already browsed web page will issue a false warning which says many issues discovered on the computer.

Then, it will advise the victim to call as a toll-free number like (855) 737-4053. This customer service is a trick that aims to misguide the user to download the Advanced Identity Protector.

Once Advanced Identity Protector is installed on the computer, it runs a scan during Windows start-up.

Post the scan; the program will display dozens of risks found on your computer. The user will be prompted for breach of privacy issues; but, fixing these issues requires the victim to pay for the full paid version of Advanced Identity Protector.

This is another method to make money by rogue program creators. To misguide the victim of this app, it uses scare tactics into purchasing unknown and suspicious tools

In its place of wasting money to fix the computer with the registered version of Advanced Identity Protector, we highly suggest to remove it as soon as possible. Then, run a thorough scan of an anti-malware program. This will find and delete any objects linked to the rogue program and other PUP’s.

Similar to other potentially unwanted programs, ADVANCED IDENTITY PROTECTOR can be installed on your computer as part of a bundling activity with another tool you downloaded from the Internet.

It is believed by the technical experts that ADVANCED IDENTITY PROTECTOR creator pays software developers for spreading ADVANCED IDENTITY PROTECTOR within their applications, for this reason, this fake application is often included as part of the installer.

ADVANCED IDENTITY PROTECTOR is also often distributed with free games and simple, one-click freeware tools developed specifically with the purpose of getting ADVANCED IDENTITY PROTECTOR onto as many computers as possible.

Where is the real profit and money flowing in for the inventors?

To gain profit with this fake app, they ran scam campaigns which is what is making Advanced Identity Protector acquire the actual market.

This is the Modus Operandi of this app:

  • Ads linked to Advanced Identity Protector are enforced on the user’s screen using specific exploit kits and redirects. These redirects will compel the user to arrive at its official website.
  • At first glance, this appears normal to a user, as the official website seems genuine.
  • Now, the user will be misled to download “Advanced Identity Protector” with several ad pop-ups providing a special discount, or it could even say “run a free scan and check if your identity is protected.”
  • Post installing “Advanced Identity Protector,” the scan will start automatically that will expose the user’s credit card numbers, banking details, Social Security Number and Social id passwords that he might have used in the system.
  • In some cases, the user might get redirected to certain web pages where they will see a false warning stating “your PC has several infections.”
  • In both the above cases after scaring the user, this number is provided (855) 737-4053 for instant technical support.
  • Once the user calls the customer service, they fall in another trap which exploits the user, and they would mislead the users by scaring them by saying all the wrongs like how badly their system is messed up or that their private and personal details are being exposed online.
  • Finally, as expected, they will come up with a number of plans, and you will have to subscribe with one of those to get your system fixed.


We suggest you get rid of malware at the earliest, as it’s not getting better until the correct action is taken at the earliest because this can lead the computer to other malicious programs.

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Once the online tracking is in place then this antimalware tools capture and cure issues like malware or threats care.

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As soon as you have this application installed on your computer, there is no further need to install any other antivirus and antimalware application.

Post installing Malware Crusher on your PC and its relevant and present setting is perhaps the best for the online protection of your computer.

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