How Long Should Your Content Be for Optimal SEO?


Content lengths are important for SEO and so many businesses out there are unaware of the tips about the same. If you have a website and you are writing articles for it, you need to follow what your audience wants. Thus, here is the list for your help.

Contents are very important for SEO Service Provider and that is a universal truth but there are certain rules for this, as the length of it and on that matters the best and full-proof ranking of the website page in the search engine.

However, so many things matter on the content and its length too, but if you are seeing that the length of it becoming a problem, then you must know the tips on it and this way you will be able to acknowledge the importance of the contents you are writing.

  1. Get along with the statistics

There are so many statistics available online and you can search them out to know about the length of content for SEO, and it will never disappoint you and you will be able to gather the knowledge about it. You will find statistics every month and year so that you can understand the type of content you need to write and the length you can set for the same.

  1. Focus on quality, not quantity

You need to always focus on the content quality because this is what matters when you are writing one based on an interesting topic. You must know that your reader and the target traffic will always want to get something very interesting and trendy as well, thus, you need to retain the quality of the piece, no matter what. Then comes the issue of length, and in this case, you need to know that the size won’t be a much problem if you are providing quality and unique contents.

  1. The target audience

You need to know the target audience you are opting for and their choice will matter the most because these are the people who will read the contents and they will help your business website with the ranks. The choosing of target audience should be the first and based on the same you can take a look at the statistics, and then you will understand what is the percentage for the different length of contents that people actually like to read.

  1. Research articles

There are numerous blogs out there who writes following some settled length, and to get an idea, you can always search out the same on the internet. The blogs written by other people will also give you the ideas about the ways you can make your content more interesting as well.

  1. The keywords

Do focus on the keywords as these will sell your products or services, and you need to make the same relevant enough with the content always. Try not to stuff the keywords in one container, and use them tactfully. If you are using these wisely then you will know the proper length of the content all by yourself.

Take the note from the above-mentioned points and you will be able to know about the length of the contents and the way it will be useful for SEO.

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