How Digital Marketing Has Changed In 2019

digital marketing strategy

Business owners are using the power of digital marketing for a few decades now. What was once the ultimate solution, now may be nearly useless in the field. The reason is the change at accelerating rates.

Three-fourth of the marketers believe that the last few years have witnessed more changes in digital technology than the previous 50 years together. That’s a mind-boggling number and it is still on the go.

You cannot excel in your business these days without molding your marketing strategy according to the changing trends.

If you still haven’t paid great attention to the “what’s hot” in the market and stick to the old digital marketing strategy, it is time to make the changes.

Delaying any further means that soon you will be outcompeted (you must be realizing it already) as we have spent half of the year 2019 already. Here is a list of 9 new trends you cannot overlook if you want higher conversion rates.

1.Marketers Are Changing Their Websites For “Voice Searches”

You must have heard about and most likely used Siri, Google assistant or Alexa. These virtual assistants have driven the searches from typing queries to voice search. Humans are social animals and find verbal communication much easier and effective.

The important change every marketer should make is to make their website more compatible with the voice search. The real challenge about voice search is that there will no longer be a number of options to choose from and the user will only hear one of the top picks.

Marketers will no longer enjoy the leverage provided by landing on the first page of Google’s results. It is high time to make the required changes to be that one top pick for your potential customers.

2.Video Marketing Is Now the Game Changer

Reading blogs and articles is time-consuming with far less information than video. This does not mean that writing quality content is no longer needed but users are attracted towards precise and clear videos about how-to queries and many more.

Nearly 73% of all Americans use the famous website YouTube for videos. This can give you the idea of the power of this tool. Instead of focusing on video marketing at only one platform, be active on multiple forums with powerful videos.

3.Sales Driven Updates and Complex Algorithms

For the remaining 2019 and the upcoming years, you must expect complex updates in algorithms. Google is still the guru.

This search engine is molding the internet in the most powerful ways as it strives to make the internet most useful for its users. They are serving their customers by filtering the whopping amount of data and thus winning their trust.

This requires changes in algorithms which are sales driven rather than market driven. To meet up the changing atmospheres, it is crucial to minimize the bounce rates of your website.

4.Email Personalization/ Automation Is Gaining Popularity

Nearly everybody tends to spend more time on a page if it is customized. An email is a powerful tool and its personalization is gaining popularity.

Most of the marketers believe that the future lies in automation. You will get higher conversion rates if you are sending emails specific for the targeted customers.

5.Artificial Intelligence Will Take Over

It might be a bit unsettling to hear that artificial intelligence will take over. We are not sure about its future for the human race but it is most definitely affecting internet marketing. AI is integrating customer segmentation, push notifications, click tracking, content quality checks and much more.

AI can also be your most handy tool in winning this particular game. It significantly improves the customer experience.

6.Search Engine Optimization Is Getting Difficult

You cannot rely on article spinning anymore and expect to see your webpage on the top of results. Search engine optimization is actually moving towards conversion rate optimization.

7. Multi-Channel Approach Is the New Hot

You cannot outcompete others by putting all your eggs in one basket. This is yet true for internet marketing. It is important to work on all channels and forums to interact with your customers.

8.Mobile Compatible Websites/ Apps Are A Must-Have

With mobile being the most used device for searches now, it is important to develop mobile compatible websites and progressive web apps.