8 Affordable Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

Whiskeys lovers exist since ancient times and more and more relics of old distilleries are being discovered. So, it can be told that whiskeys were known to humans for centuries together. It is only in recent times that whiskeys have become business-class professional requirements. Whiskeys are one of the must-includes in most of the formal and informal parties. This is especially true if the host is an avid lover of whiskeys.

Gifts are invaluable, no matter what their cost is. The primary purpose of giving gifts on any occasion is to commemorate the occasion by connecting its memories with gifts. Gifts are best when they are items which come to use on a routine basis or very frequently.

Whether you are a member of a connoisseur party or you have a bestie who is a whiskey lover, your friends would love to receive gifts related to whiskey. What more, this will also help strengthen your business contacts. While gifting the actual age-old whiskey bottles might be very expensive, you need not worry. There are other gifts which won’t be a burden on your pocket and also please the one whom you are gifting.

So, here is the list of 8 Affordable Gifts for Whiskey Lovers, which will definitely bring an invaluable smile on their face and help you impress them.

#1 Whiskey

The greatest gift to a whiskey lover is whiskey itself. That does not mean you have to spend thousands of Euros just for a gift. There are many Single malt whiskeys that come at affordable rates. Even different whiskeys are available for different occasions. For instance, if it’s your girlfriend for whom you are looking for a whiskey, there are plenty of must-have whiskeys for women out there.

It would also be a good idea to include a guide for slow whiskey drinking, especially if they are beginners.

Gifting a bottle of Dalmore Whiskey can also be considered as it is known for its smooth and gentle complexity. They would love it!!

#2 Crystal Whiskey Glasses

Whiskeys are nothing without glasses. So, gift them a set of whiskey glasses so that they think of you every time they throw a party. Look for tasting glasses that help in tasting whiskey while relishing its aroma.

#3 Scratch and Sniff Books

Though not a replacement for actual whiskeys, these Scratch and Sniff Books can help them experience the taste of a few whiskeys through their smell. This can be a fun gift to those whiskey lovers and also affordable. What more? They do not have the side effect of getting intoxicated.

#4 A set of Scotch-infused toothpicks

Who told toothpicks are boring? For those who love both whiskey and dental hygiene, this is a perfect gift. These give a taste of scotch while picking the teeth. This is priced at £ 30, making it a lighter burden on your pocket and also an innovative gift to your friend.

#5 Bourbon Marshmallows

Marshmallow candies are not only for children. If your friend is a fan of marshmallows, how about marshmallows with a flavor of whiskey? Manufactured by Bourbon makes them perfect for a whiskey tasting party.  Priced at about 7.64 Euro, they are one of the most affordable gifts in the list.

#6 Single Malt Scotch Cordials

Is your friend a vivid chocolate lover and also a fan of whiskeys? Here is a perfect combination of the two. Gift a pack of Single Malt Scotch Cordial to please him/her both ways – through chocolates and Whiskey. Priced at 7.26 Euro, these cordials have a liquid center of real scotch for a taste that is both intoxicating and smooth. Chocolates are no more only for kids, there are adult versions as well!!

#7 Decanters

Whiskey lovers also avid fans of whiskey collections. Nobody keeps their collections in a secret box. What if you could not afford to gift one of the top-class whiskeys? You can think of gifting stylish long-lasting decanters to show off their whiskey collection and they will thank you for them every time their visitor praises their collection.

#8 Ice Ball Molds for Whiskeys

Though there is a controversy about whether to add ice to whiskeys or not, some people just love to keep their drinks cool. Give these ice ball molds, even if your friend doesn’t like to have ice in his/her drink. They will come handy while hosting whiskey tasting parties.

These are perfect affordable gifts for occasions like Whiskey tasting parties or informal parties like birthdays or any other event hosted by a whiskey lover. This will definitely etch you in the memory of the host and will remember you every time he/she has or serves a drink. These will serve the purpose of gifting. Happy Gifting!!