Future Proof your Body: Essential Steps to Take Now to be Healthy later in Life

Healthy life

When we are young, our bodies are able to endure almost any consequences of our unhealthy choices. We might think that our body is extremely resistant, but the bad news is that it sooner or later catches up on us. All those late nights, alcohol and cigarettes, lack of sleep and physical exercise start to be evident on our body as we age.

Luckily, this is something that is entirely up to us and we are able to make the necessary changes. We just need to be know how to future-proof our body, i.e. what to do now in order to assure our well-being in the years to come.

#1. Taking care of physical health

Our well-being is multi-layered. It includes our physical health and sleep habits, the level of stress and the amount of exercise, proper nutrition and the ability to achieve mental peace. That’s why we need to learn about the things we need to do now to be healthy later in life.

A. Sleep regularly

Having regular sleep habits is essential not only for our daily functioning but also in the long run. What happens when we sleep? Our bodies use this period of stagnation to repair our muscles and tissue and to recharge our system. Some of the vital processes such as a break for the cardiovascular system, the regulation of appetite hormones and the accelerated toxin removal from the brain take place while we snooze.

Some studies have shown that the lack of sleep leads to certain health problems such as obesity and certain diseases. Ensure good sleeping hygiene with a regular bed and waking times and you’re on the right way.

B. Gut health

With the extensive research done so far, experts have come to the conclusion that the gut is our second brain. Therefore, its proper functioning should be among our priorities. Our overall health is affected by the health of our gut. If you’re experiencing some common issues with the gut such as the leaky gut, make sure to start the healing process as soon as possible.

The market is packed with all kinds of supplements such as collagen powder and probiotics, which can significantly improve our gut health. In order to establish a healthy future, we should start taking care of our gut on time.

C. Dental health

Another key point in our physical health is our dental hygiene. There is a strong connection between the mouth and the body and many health issues stem from bad teeth. Even if we take excellent care of our teeth hygiene (or we might think so), we are not able to anticipate some deeper issues. That is where preventative dental check-ups play a key role.

These check-ups have a purpose of noticing a problem that has just begun to develop and to nip it in the bud, which can save you time, money and inevitable discomfort. People in Australia pay special attention to protecting their teeth preventatively and rely on the trusty Penrith Dental Clinic to solve any problems that might arise.

In this way, they are able to solve any potential problems in no time and with minimum pain. Thus, assure to make regular dentist appointments as it will affect your overall health positively, both at the present moment and in the future.

D. Cardio and resistance training

As our age progresses slowly, we tend to experience some changes in our bodies. After we turn 40, we start to lose some muscle mass every year. This results in a slower metabolism, weakening of our structure and lessening our physical appearance. Some light weightlifting is crucial to avoid all the side effects of aging. It helps you retain your muscle mass.

The combination of resistance training and cardio exercises is a winning combination. Brisk strolls, gentle bike rides or perhaps a dancing class will accelerate your heart rate and thus burn the fat for energy. Account for physical exercises in your busy schedule, the sooner – the better. The earlier you start, the sooner it becomes a habit you hold onto during your middle age, when it is quintessential.

#2. Taking care of nutrition

There is a saying that we are what we eat. This is absolutely true. It is essential to watch out what we eat, when and whether we drink enough water. However, there are some steps to make healthy living a lifetime habit in the area of nutrition.

A. Eat a balanced diet

A balanced diet is fundamental. This means that we should consume whole foods, lean meats and foods rich in protein, fibre and antioxidants. Eating healthily ensures you have enough energy to power through the day with your concentration at peak. The regular diet also works on repairing muscles after exercise and it supplies the fats needed for optimal hair, skin and hormone health. A good tip to start with is to make your plate as colourful as you can.

In that way you will ensure the intake of all kinds of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Make the choice of healthy and varied foods a lifestyle and you will be amazed at the effects it has later on in life.

B. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is crucial for many reasons. The benefits are countless and some of them include flushing toxins out of the body, reducing inflammation, lubricating joints, supporting metabolism, improving digestion and many others. Prescribed water intake will result in your vitality. Long and lasting health arises from being hydrated, as the hydrated body is our optimal and natural state of health. Keep a bottle of water in your proximity or use an app to remind you to take your daily dose over a period of time.

#3. Taking care of mental health

People usually neglect taking care of their mental health. But the truth is that mental health is equally important as our physical health and proper nutrition. Learning about the things we can do now to prepare for middle age will ensure our smooth future health-wise.

A. Meditate

As our age progresses, cognitive decline is inevitable. However, there are some strategies you can use to lessen the blow. Meditation is a good way to start. Even just a few minutes that you dedicate to calming your mind every day can have amazing results. It has numerous positive effects such as reducing stress levels, allowing the brain to breathe and making us ready for any challenge that we might face. You can spare a few minutes a day and invest in a relaxed and serene mind, since it is crucial, especially in the later phases of our life.

B. Do yoga

Being around for centuries, yoga has been proven to affect our body and mind beneficially. Not only it reduces stress and anxiety we are faced with every day, but it also decreases inflammation. It consists of breathing and stretching exercises which in combination keep our muscles limber and fluids flowing through our system. It works wonders for the mind.

C. Digital detox

The digital era we live in has both good and bad sides. The constant presence and usage of digital technologies have become our daily routine. Unfortunately, the constant exposure to screens can be dangerous for our health. That’s why we need to incorporate a digital detox once in a while. By avoiding our phones for some time, we lower our stress levels caused by never-ending notifications. This is key, since stress is known to be a huge factor in our physical health both short and long term.

Making changes isn’t easy, but introducing them slowly, one by one can ease the whole process. Think about your future and the changes you can make now in order to have a healthy and content life later. If you think about it, it is always easier to incorporate changes when it isn’t absolutely necessary to make them and when they are an act of free will in order to assure a better tomorrow.