7 Fashion Tips for Plus Sized Men

Fashion Tips for Plus Sized Men

When it comes to fashion, your size never matters. You don’t always have to fit the scales to look fabulous. Each of us has our unique body type and size. And by picking the right elements for our wardrobe, we can look trendy every day.

The right way to dress is to make your best features accentuate and present an overall flattering look. Having to alter your body to fit into something is not necessary to look great.

Instead, you need to alter the way you shop to make sure you bring home the right pieces. Here are seven simple yet effective fashion tips for plus-sized men that can change your life.

Always stick to the right fit:

The right size of clothing will embrace the curves of your body well to make it look amazing. There is no one common XL size that can fit everyone.

So step out of this bucket and look for brands that give you the right size.

The correct fit matters a lot when it comes to good dressing. Wearing baggy or sagging materials will only make you look dull, and create a boring impression of you.

Your clothes need to feel and look comfortable but do not have to be a size too big with extra cloth hanging away. If you feel like pieces don’t match your fit, then do not be afraid to get it customized or tailor-made.

Pick the right colors:

Don’t shy away from trying new colors. Some colors are naturally slimming such as black, and it is good to stock up some nice pieces in this shade. But remember, there are various other colors to try.

Dark colors generally go well with your shape. But try using a combination of light and dark colors for your outfit.  This can help you create a different style profile.

Try some new colors that look sober on your complexion to create a thinner look. Sometimes pastel shades also help create a flattering look.

So, try on some colors before you decide to buy them.

Leverage all the patterns you can:

Patterns help deflect the attention from falling into every curve and make the entire outfit more appealing and stylish. Patterns are always in style and can help you in creating an amazing look with ease.

Experiment with subtle patterns that are subtle. It can be good for plus-sized body type. You can try animal prints, florals, graphics, or other patterns that are in trend. Look for patterns that are vertically large instead of horizontal, like vertical strips to ensure it gives a thinning effect.

Don’t try to mix too many patterns, or they become more disturbing. Compliment patterns with solid colors to balance out the outfit.

Be careful when you choose trousers:

From jeans to formal wear, men always create fashion blunders by choosing the wrong fit for bottom wear. Just like your top, your bottom wear should also fit you well, and the style should complement your body type.

Stay clear from trying anything below your size. You may fit into them, but the way it does might make you look too large. Also, do not go for baggy fits that are disproportionate with your body.

Look for straight cuts or slim-fit jeans and trousers that create a feeling of longer legs. Avoid going for wide legs and cuts.

Try jeans that fit slightly higher than your waistline. This can help you look flat and pleasing without having to go for shape wear.

Look for thicker fabrics:

Thin fabrics are too skin-hugging and might not go well the body type. Thick fabrics look classy and elegant in the right styles and can have a slimming effect in some cases. So look for good quality and durable fabrics that drape your body well. These fabrics have better structural integrity and will make your overall look better. This tip can be, especially useful when you shop for T-shirts. Look for cuts and fabrics that are not too flexible in the areas you like to hide. If you like thin fabrics, then try to use a jacket or an oversized shirt on top of it for a better look. Denim and leather jackets are wardrobe staples that could come handy in this case.

Accessorize fearlessly:

Creating the right outfit is all about bringing the right elements together. Accessories play a major role in creating great looks and defining the best outfits. So do not be afraid to work around the same. Start from your shoe compartment and stock up on the latest and classic styles that can match any outfit styling you choose. Always own sturdy and good quality pair of shoes one for your formal wear, one for casual and a few for everyday use. Match these shoes with elegant belts and buckles. Invest in a good watch and wallet Suspenders can be your friend when you want to create a sharp and casual look. Do not forget to add some enchanting scarfs to your wardrobe for timeless looks. Look for unique elements like men’s bead bracelets

Suit up more often:

Suits and blazers can help you look amazing and are suitable for many occasions. Even if you are not completely suited up, adding a blazer to a casual T-shirt and denim also gives an amazing outfit to flaunt on any outing. So, invest in custom-tailored suits in rich fabrics that are classy. Suits help deviate from creating a V-shaped look which makes you look slimmer and dapper. Again, accessorize well with complementary belts, shoes, watches, hats, and scarfs to complete the outfit. Use your suit jackets, vests, blazer well in combination with other pieces from your wardrobe to leverage this image on an everyday basis.

Move out of your comfort zone to try a new outfit and accessories to style better. Restricting yourself to the XL zone of a store cannot be the right way to creating great outfits. Among new styles to try are high low cuts, corduroy, vintage watches, which are a few to look forward to. Carry everything you wear with confidence, and you will always leave heads turning.