Earning on Custom Essay Writing Services Online, Is It Possible?

Essay Writing Service

Essay writing is definitely a skill that is learned over time. One way of improving your writing is by simply reading more and practicing. There is no real art to becoming a better writer. Build your vocabulary over time and continue to write. If you want to offer a custom essay writing service, you need to know what the client wants. Every client wants an essay that reflects them, so it is usually expected that the essay is customized.

Also, if someone is using this essay for school, there cannot be any plagiarism present. This means that you cannot send the same essay versions to multiple people. Making money through essay writing is not as easy as it sounds. The competition is intense and you have to stay up to date with developing changes. Look at this as a business. The client gets what the client wants. It’s the only way you are going to succeed. Reviews and customer testimonials are crucial to any business.


You need to have some different topics you can easily cover. It is always important to have one area of expertise, but the more you have, the more money you can earn. With the fierce competition out there, you need to advertise yourself within a genre, but it does not have to be too specific. Article writing is a different story. There you need a tight niche. With essay writing, you can promote yourself whichever way you see fit. Having a variety of expertise will allow you to accept more jobs and help you stand out amongst the masses.

Writing skills

One cannot get away from the fact that you have to be a good writer in this game. In order to make the essay longer, you need the skills to do so. There is not much room for error when it comes to writing essays people will be graded on. This is why you need to have impeccable writing skills. There are of course some great spelling and grammar checkers you could use. It all depends on your own abilities to complete the first draft. Once you find your focus, it is easy to write. You can improve your writing skills by practicing daily. This is not like riding a bicycle. You have to keep at it to remain good.

No distractions

Being a writer means that you have to put some thought into your work. You cannot do so if you are constantly being distracted. Our mobile phones and computers are often part of our job resources but can be the biggest distractions. You make use an essay extender and before you know it, you are down the YouTube rabbit hole. Always have a few distraction blockers in place. Tell your family and friends when you are working. Most people will respect your working hours if you make it clear.


You cannot write from the morning to night. This is just not possible. Take short breaks often and get a good night’s sleep. If you want to perform optimally, you need to have a clear mind. You cannot have a clear mind if you are not rested. The Pomodoro method works for studying but also works effectively for writers. Taking a quick 15-minute break is going to help your mind rest. Then you can come back refreshed and ready to continue. We underestimate the power of a well-rested mind. Instead of working through the night, get some sleep and tackle your tasks in the morning.


Working for yourself is not easy. In this case, you are the brand of your business. You need to get your face and your samples out to your potential customers. Social media is a great tool to use in this regard. You can promote your custom essay writing service and your qualifications. It is important for potential clients to know what to expect. If you don’t do any promoting, no new customers will even know you exist. We are often so focused on doing the jobs that we forget that there is more work out there.

What type of essay writing services would you offer?

There is a variety of essay writing you can do and there are always new jobs available. You need to beat the crowd of other writers to the punch. Be active on job boards and know what is happening in the industry. This is one way to solidify your place in the job market. It is difficult to get started, but you can make a successful career out of this. Patience at first will help, but once you have some momentum, nothing can stand in your way. Always ask for reviews or testimonials. It will help when you approach new clients.