Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Workplace

Alcohol Testing

There are several reasons for the company for implementing drug and alcohol testing policy for the employees working in their concern. By eliminating the use of drug and alcohol there will be a significant impact on their employee’s ability to perform well in the business. As a result, this decreases the risk of some accident, mishaps and enhances productivity.

A recent survey says that alcohol consumption is a huge issue for the company and around 17% was considered as the major cause of low productivity. Here are some of the significant concerns about alcohol consumption.

  • An adverse effect of the image of the company and the customer relation
  • Negative effects on the team morale and the employee relation
  • Lateness
  • Poor performance that leads to poor productivity
  • Issues in the safety concerns
  • Poor decline and bad behavior
  • A wrong example for the upcoming employees

What do norms say?

It is the duty of the employer to protect the health and safety of their employees. If it is found that if a particular employee is working after consuming alcohol or drug under an employer and if he or she has knowledge on it, that particular employer can even be prosecuted. In particular, if it is the transport department like railways, tramways or some other guided transport system, working with drug or alcohol consumption is considered as a criminal offense.


It is important to have written consent to have the alcohol and the drug test separately. The test will be taken only for checking the alcohol or drug consumption but not for any other diseases. If the employer wishes to have such a test to the employees it is important to incorporate to all the employees. If the employee is not interested in the test it may end up in the resigning or constructive dismissal.

Reasons for the alcohol test 

Quality of work 

For the company, hiring staffs is a risky process since it is the place where you need to spend more energy and resources. However, there will not be any use in hiring the person with some drug or alcohol addiction recently. It is easy to overcome with the help of the pre-employment drug test.

Productive workplace 

People who have the habit of exposure to drugs and alcohol will experience fatigue and lack of cognitive performance. This will lead to lack of concentration and unfinished tasks in the scheduled time. As a result, it leads to inefficiency and potentially significant details will be inaccurate or missed. Moreover the productive form, such employees will be exponentially low when compared to the others.

Work-related accidents can be minimized 

A person who is impaired behind the wheels of a forklift or crane can be especially dangerous for sometimes fatal. This is not only applicable to the machinery but also for an employee in the company as well. They are paid to perform the best with the limited scope available for them. When they are exposed to drug and alcohol there are lots of chances for a shake that affects oneself and the other employees as well.

Reduced absenteeism 

A study says that employees with alcohol problems were 2.7 times have the chances for injuries and absent because of it. High absenteeism will create some issues in the production and the growth of the company.

Safety work environment 

It is the common right for all employees to work in a safe environment. It is also the legal requirement for the company to have health and safety policies. For this, it is highly necessary for the drug and alcohol policy to be included. This highly reduces the risk of accidents and there would be a friendly and peaceful work environment.

Reduce conflicts 

If an employee is allowed to work on consuming the alcohol or drug the risk of a mood swing, higher absenteeism, lying, risk of accidents and sloppy work will be high. There will also be high conflicts among the employees and that diverts the minds. This creates a negative impact on the work environment that affects the peace of the place.

Without efficient and right employees, it is not possible to have the right successful business. Recruiting the right employees is the key to a successful business. So have an eye on these factors and make the right selection of employees.