Custom ERP Solution Checklist One Must Follow


ERP shopping is not a piece of cake. Being a bit expensive but the most important and efficient tool for businesses, choosing and implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that suits your need can be daunting.

If you want to organize, automate and improve your business, you need ERP and the problem arises in picking one as there are 3 options available; ready-made, custom and self-made. Now since an ERP will act as an umbrella under whom all your business operations from purchasing and sourcing, manufacturing, inventory control, sales and marketing, distribution to customer relationship management will be covered and connected, it has to have that capability, right?

You can quickly start with readymade one but won’t necessarily get as you need for your business, while self-made requires ample time and money to get it perfected. Hence, a Custom ERP Development is what you must seek. But then, how to figure out whether it is the one for your business and won’t turn out to be a failed implementation? Here’s how.

Things To Look For While Deciding A Custom ERP Solution

#1. Scalability and Flexibility

Your ERP investment must be based on your future. As your business will grow, your features will too. Therefore, you must get your Custom ERP Development done keeping that in mind. An inflexible ERP solution like the readymade or a self-made one may only be able to serve your current needs but with a custom one, you can develop it scalable and flexible enough so that it can easily adapt your growth and integrate emerging technologies without the need to invest again.

#2. Transparency

ERP is all about making multiple business processes cohere into a unified whole. It is implemented to eliminate the time spent on feeding, procuring, changing or sharing data department-wise, where one central data center can do the job. Hence, look for transparency in your customized ERP solution, so that you don’t have to take the load all on yourselves. You can give access to the centralized data system to each employee of each department and they will carry out their responsibilities which you can access anytime all at one place.

#3. Solid Strategy

ERP is a must for all types and sizes of business but is beneficial only when implemented according to one’s requirements. For that, one has to have a clear vision of one’s business goals. Never invest randomly in any ERP just because someone you know did. Define your requirements first, plan your budget, and then go for Customised ERP Software Development that fulfills every criterion of yours.

#4. Mobile Compatibility

It is the trend of (BYOD) – bring-your-own-device at workplace today. Gone are the days when employees were required and had the only option to stick to the company’s devices. Maximum of them are using their own personal smartphones to access workflows anytime, anywhere. If your ERP fails to give them that accessibility, the loss is yours. Henceforth, while developing a custom ERP, ask your ERP software development service provider to make it mobile efficient so that even if you or your employees are on the go, your business won’t get affected in any way.

#5. Same Workflow

One of the common complaints with ready or self-made ERP solutions is that in order to improve the performance and making things automated, the workflow changes which annoys the employees as their way of work changes. Check whether the custom ERP you are planning to opt for can automate your manual operations without changing the habitual way of doing things. These won’t affect your employees and your time in teaching them will be saved as well.

As You Sow So Shall You Reap

In the end, all that matters is who is handling your ERP Software Development. The efficiency of an ERP solution depends upon the ERP Software Development Company you are approaching and at the hands of the developers who are customizing it. Therefore, if you sow at Kanhasoft, you will reap big, that is guaranteed.