Cheapest Foreign Tour Packages from India

Foreign Tour Packages

International vacation with family is no longer a dream. With the availability of cheap International tour packages, you can explore new horizons and go on the trip of a lifetime.

Give your family and loved ones the gift of a memorable holiday by not spending a fortune anymore.

Here are some of the cheapest international destinations in the world where you will not have to go over your travel budget limits:


The lush island of Bali is located on the eastern end of Java and is one of the most famous destinations among nature and beach lovers. Bali can be visited as a honeymoon trip or a peaceful vacation.

Soak in the pristine natural beauty, golden sandy beaches and an overwhelming feeling of peace. Some of the popular tourist attractions here include – ubud, Jimbaran, kuta, Denpasar etc. apart from the UNESCO world heritage sites.

You can even indulge in a refreshing spa, Ayurveda treatment here. the climate here remains favourable throughout the year and the accommodation and food here is very cheap which makes it one of the most pocket friendly international destinations in the world.


Steeped in rich history and coming from a deep-seated traditional background Vietnam is unexpectedly one of the cheapest international travel locations in the world.

Vietnam is one place where the culture is well preserved and offers some of the most stunningly and unbelievably green surroundings.

From exploring the unique cu chi tunnels to checking out the lake with a temple in Hoan Kiem Lake and relaxing your days away in Ha long bay there really is no dearth of things for you to do in Vietnam.

What makes this place the best is the cheap air fare, tickets, hotels and almost everything. An international vacation at the most surprising rates.

Czech Republic

This tiny land locked country in Europe is one of the most underrated and underappreciated jewel for travels from all across the globe.

With cheap food, local transportation and accommodation Czech republic can even be visited by students, travel enthusiasts and even people who are travelling on a tight budget.

You can use this place as a base for staying and exploring its neighbouring countries of Austria, Germany, Poland and Slovakia. The place is not big in size but the air of ease and rich eventful history makes it one of the most serendipitous explorations in the world.


The mystical charming kingdom of Cambodia is a paradise for history buffs and people seeking to have a peaceful holiday amidst the serene ambience.

What you get to experience in Cambodia is the intermingling of the ancient and the modern eras which is represented perfectly through its historical structures and remarkable temples.

There is no dearth of the opportunity to go on interesting sightseeing expeditions here to places like the largest temple in the world to Angkor wat, phnompenh, tonle sap, Banteay srei etc. the best way of experiencing this land of culture is by going on a walking tour.


If you are looking for a happening holiday full of unending parties and sightseeing expeditions along with numerous other adventure activities, then kingdom Thailand is the place to be.

Filled with golden sandy beaches, opulent elegant temples, teeming market places and a fascinating culture Thailand should definitely be on your bucket list. There are cheap packages available for Thailand at the most ridiculously low rates.

Even if you are a group of friends looking to chill or a couple on honeymoon, Thailand tickets, hotels and food are very affordable and easy on the pocket making fun holidays accessible to all. Some fun places to visit in Thailand are –Phuket, Krabi, pattaya, chiangmai, chiang rai etc.


A pandora’s box of surprises for every traveller, Malaysia is truly one of the most visited international tourist destinations in the world.

From its lush and perfect tea gardens to its captivating cityscapes and breath-taking traditional island life, this place is one of the cheapest places for you to be. If you are travelling with strict budget constraints then you should check out some Malaysia packages which you will be surprised to know are available at astoundingly low rates.

The well-preserved culture, diversity, historical relevance, ancient forests and many more whimsical attractions makes it the perfect destination for a wholesome family vacation.

Some tourist attractions here include – Batu caves, mount Kinabalu, petronas twin towers, Menara kulalumpur etc. apart from this remember to try new Malaysian cuisines for the complete and true malay experience.