5 Camping Destinations in Morocco With Virikson

Virikson Morocco

They say that maybe there is no wifi which nature gifts you but still it devotes itself for building many more efficient connections in your life. This is the reason why people travel more and worry less because traveling makes you competent and more attached to yourself. For traveling and discovering the nature are relatively two very different things. When you travel you can travel to explore more urbanization and enjoy the city life and shopping may be! But when you travel to discover you do not reserve yourself only for discovering the city you are new in but also the hidden aspects of natures.

This is what actually traveling is, it is beyond the measure and the discrimination of any specific genre rather it’s the name of traveling through whatever gateway you find and get without looking into the results of what’s next and what dangers would you face if the doors took you on the dangerous path.

So if you are a traveler and the explorer as well then you are also the one who wants to pitch a camp and thrill yourself with different areas and your camping experience is your way of exploring the new terms of nature and taking experience from all of the sites. North Africa is the center of nature and beauty, especially Morocco Tourist Attractions, include suffering in different important and natural zones of this country and camping there! The beauty of the country will compel you to visit the most natural form of many areas here and what could be more thrilling and beautiful than camping here!

Here I am going to share the most thrilling camping destinations in Morocco which you will definitely want to include in your next Morocco Family Holidays

Atlantic Coast

Have you ever wanted to be at a place where you can go fishing and camping, exactly you have guessed my point very correctly. I am talking about the majestic Atlantic cost which is surrounded by many fishing villages and the main region of Casablanca. Here you will feel more secure and relaxed than you feel with your tour guide. This coast welcomes all the campers to come, visit and enjoy camping here as well! Try this you can actually fish and eat and stay in the most natural environment than anyone else!

Sahara Desert

Whenever we plan Morocco Family Holidays we always have the tour to Sahra dessert in our list or most important and reserved visits. Camping here will be your way of contributing to the culture of Sahra dessert Morocco, this way you will get to have more of the nightlife and the beautiful dessert camping. The sky of the desert at night is nor only shinny but also the most beautiful view to watch. You can bring along the cup of traditional Moroccan tea and then enjoy your camping time here. This place for camping is the most recommended one because of its generously gorgeous view!

Rif Mountains

Al Hoceima National Park is the most important camping area in RIF mountains which is very close to the forest and natural life and this is the reason why this area is recommended for the camping. Here you will be very close to greenery and the forest life, you can put your camp here and then enjoy the relaxed interaction with nature without worrying. This place has the most color scenarios which will surely attract you and make you fall in love with the Moroccan natural and wildlife!
While camping in this area you will get to view the mesas and dry canyons, limestone cliffs line the coast and numerous other endangered species which have made this park their home. Most of the traveling agencies offer camping and trekking in the Rif Mountains.

Jebel Toubkal and M’Goun

If you don’t know about this area and you have planned the trekking here than what are you for? This area is one of the most famous areas in the world for tracking which is in the high atlas mountain range in Morocco. This area has been the center of Morocco Tourist Attractions because of the finest trekking track and the ambiance which it offers. This area is the best area for camping if you love to go camping and trekking both at the same place. Imagine camping in the finest mountain range.

The beauty of this area is sheerly adored by all the tourist and the people who love to explore nature very closely. The forests in the High Atlas region are full of flowers and trees, and the entire area is lush due to the amount of rain this part of Morocco receives each year. There is a lot of uncharted area and several Berber villages in the High Atlas Mountains, so hire a guide to ensure you remain on the right paths to reach your intended destination.here is a forest on the height of this region you need to surf this all area with help of a tourist guide for your safety. So if you want to camp you have hire a guide so that you camp without getting into trouble with the villages and villagers of those regions!

Southern Morocco

Now comes the sunny part of the region, Southern Morocco. This is the region where you can enjoy the most beautiful camping experience with your family. Camping here is only safe but also the most beautiful and the memorable experience of all the tourist who has selected this region for spending their camping days. This region is also known as the anti atlas mountain range. Here your adventure will be quite beautiful and thrilling as the road which will lead you here is like the path which is crafted in the heart of these mountains making them utterly beautiful and without any doubt stay here is also the part of all the beautiful experience you can have as many villages, desserts, and the river is also found on this anti atlas mountain range in Morocco.

Next time you plan to go camping in Morocco, choose your destination according to your own desire as Morocco being the region of all the seasons has so much to offer that you can’t even imagine!