Best Monitoring Technology That Can Protect Your Teen Online

Monitoring Technology

Parental Control Application for Mobiles

The Internet is widespread with dark and wicked people.

The Internet is persuasive and filled with explicit content. What kids perceive on the internet, may not always be the truth.

Innocent kids get victimized easily in the cyber world and find themselves in a troubled situation.

Many parents have found a solution in top-rated parental control apps in the market, which allows parents to supervise and block specific activities on their mobile devices.

If you come across any parental control app, we encourage you to enforce it right away to secure kids online.

Why do you need to protect your child online?

The online world is full of online predators and identity thieves. Many kids have unfortunately encountered cyberbullies who had made their life miserable.

Kids have gone under depression and taken self-harming steps many times.

So, here are some specific reasons why we want you to protect your child from online monsters:

#1. Misleading information and social media posts

Influential social media posts or information is often deceptive. Kids fall for such details and desire to implement the same in their life.

#2. Explicit content

The Internet is nothing but an ocean of contents. The contents come with a caveat-no filter! The Internet has abundant adult content which impacts kids.

Their brain is immature to understand sexual and adult messages at such an early age (especially tween).

#3. Online predators

Kids often see the tip of the iceberg and miss out on what is underneath. Same is the case in the online world. Kids find online strangers very exciting, end up providing personal information and images.

Many offenders misuse the content online, leaving kids in a compromised state.

#4. Addiction to social media & other websites

Parents often find their kids extremely addicted to the online world. Many children eat drink and sleep online.

Kids are unaware that addiction has many psychological and physiological repercussions.

#5. Inappropriate Gaming websites

Gaming sites are a huge culprit, messing with a kid’s mind. Games like GTA Vice city, PUBG, and Minecraft may be merely addictive while games like MOMO challenge, Blue Whale challenge are just pathetic and know as online suicide games, pursing students to take their life.

There are several ways to secure kids online.

However, parental control apps are a one-stop-shop for all your kids’ online activities. We will soon see why.

Are my kids vulnerable to anxiety and depression?

Precisely, yes, your kids are targets of anxiety and depression!

Our reason is straightforward. Online addicts are at a higher risk of getting into social pressure and pointless influence.

Trying to enact what others do, creates insecurities and complexes in kids.

Many kids who failed to achieve likes, comments and reactions on their social media posts often feel less popular online and end up building insecurities in their mind. True?

Not being able to cope with social media pressure and online activities of peers disturbs kids. They suffer from unnecessary anxiety, and many go into clinical depression after a point.

We recommend securing your kids’ mind at an early age. A disturbed mind can take years to get normal.

How can you secure your teens from online bluffs?

There are several ways you can make sure your kids are not victims on the online portal:

  1. Have a common device at home for your kids’ access.
  2. Having a common device ensures tracking website history daily.
  3. Talk about the cruelties of the cyber world and cyber attacks. Introduce your kids to cyber jargons like phishing, identify thefts, malware, DDoS attack, etc. in layman’s terms.
  4. Enroll your kids in cyber civics classes. These are special classes for middle school kids to create an enlightened cybersecurity generation.
  5. Monitor your kids’ online activities. Make time to audit what your kids are up to. Sit and understand their likes and dislikes, instead of scolding them for every action.
  6. Block certain unnecessary apps through parental control apps.  Many top-rated parental control apps are available for your rescue!
  7. Teach your kids to be good online citizenship. As you sow, so shall you reap. Be kind and courteous to everyone online and prohibit your kids from exchanging personal information.

Such necessary checks will go a long way for your kids!

Which parental control app are you using?

The Internet is a tricky place which can create uninvited trouble in your kids’ life. As parents, you can either track or control usage of the internet.

Several parental control apps are making rounds in the market for your kid’s online security.

We strongly recommend the Bit Guardian parental control app which not only provides the authority to parents to stop unnecessary data but at the same time ensure their physical safety.

There are typically two ways you can reduce online activities:

  1. App block– Block online search engine apps on your kids mobile, in case you find something suspicious. Enable the apps in case of educative and learning purpose, again for a limited period based on requirement.
  2. Screen time- Control your kids’ screen time by setting the limited time on online search apps.

Save your kids now from online evils. Have you downloaded the best parental control app 2019 yet?