Age Verification Solution – The Tech Gatekeepers for Age-restricted Content

Age Verification

Age verification services are like tech-based gatekeepers. In fact, they are smarter than usual gatekeepers as they can accurately verify the true age of any potential client that wants access to any website or digital platform that is displaying age-restricted content. Depending on the targeted audience of a company, any particular format of age verification services can be used. But all in all, an age verification software enable a particular business to ascertain crucial aspects of a customer’s identity before any service is offered or product is sold to that customer.

Online Criminal Activities

Most of the age-restricted content websites are perfect for online businesses to collect a targeted audience to not only share favorable concepts but also ensure that advertisers can also advertise likely products to such an audience. But in case an online service provider is taken over by the non-targeted audience, or worse, by criminal elements that want to have their own venomous designs over the set of age bracket users, online platform can come under heavy criticism. For example, an online community of teenage users should never allow a user outside of the targeted audience age group, as it can turn out to be a criminal outreach for gaining unrestricted access to potential victims.

Only if you have an Age verification service that you can trust, only then you will be able to ward off such online attacks. It will ensure secure access to resources that matter the most for companies and businesses.

Various Modes of Identity verification

Verifying the age of incoming users with the help of an identity document is not the only method of identity verification as online businesses can even use facial recognition and parents consent forms in order to authenticate the true identity of their potential users. Shufti Pro is one such KYC service provider that can be the perfect tool to identify the true age of an incoming user not only with the help of an authentic identity document but also with the help of a handwritten note from the user as proof of consent. Address verification can be used to verify the true address of a person if a business wants to target audience from a certain demographic or location.

Customized documents are also used for verification by multiple businesses and websites offering products for sale or services to a certain age group. Shufti Pro can use machine learning algorithms and template matching techniques in order to verify the age and identity of incoming users in real-time.

Global Approach for Age verification

Most of the times, individuals access the internet in order to gain access to content that is created specifically for them. Online communities provide a platform for like-minded people to come together and collaborate for something that they are passionate about. The trans-border nature of cyberspace ensures that such age-restricted or interested based communities are not never short of like-minded people or potential users. Most of these communities promise an exclusive gathering of users with a singular passion. But the entire premise of an exclusive club of people for a particular category of users goes out of the wind when unwanted users start entering these platform. They create a nuisance that can be detrimental to the overall future of such age-restricted or interest-based portals. This is where identity verification services such as Age verification and nationality verification can come in handy.

Technology Involved

Age verification solution is not new but performing them through an authentic identity document is surely something that not many identity verification services are offering. With OCR based verifications available from Shufti Pro, data extraction becomes easier to perform which means that the user does not have to manually enter their personal information in the data fields but the automated system collects it on its own from the verified identity document. This not only makes the entire verification cycle free of any friction not only for end-user but the online website using online age verification system can also have authentic users within the age group that their content or services are targeted for.

Machine learning algorithms make sure of the fact that any attempt to fake identity or age can not only be deterred but also to make sure of the fact that any further attempt based on that typical form of forgery can be detected even much more quickly.

Age verification solution is not hard to find these days but finding a software that can actually be trusted is surely rare. The importance of such an identity verification service is not only crucial for the overall business model but to avoid unwanted attention from law enforcement agencies for breach of service standards and stated goals of the business. After all, no business can sustain a serious blow to its reputation such as not being able to protect its customers from users from a higher age group or being run over by a user base that was outside its targeted niche of users.

In conclusion, if a company has adopted an age-restricted business model or wants to market its services to a certain age group, it is mandatory for the success of the business model to verify the age of incoming users to fight off redundancies or users with fake identities. Only a hard to cheat identity authentication and online age verification solution can be the guarantee to fight online identity theft or fake users.