If Tomorrow Comes (Tracy Whitney Series, #1)

If Tomorrow Comes (Tracy Whitney Series, #1) Description:

This is a story of intrigue and revenge Tracy Whitney is young beautiful and intelligent and about to marry into wealth and glamour Until suddenly she is betrayed framed by a ruthless Mafia gang abandoned by the man she loves Only her ingenuity saves her and helps her fight back

Rating: 3.41 out of 5

Master of the Game

Master of the Game Description:

One of Sidney Sheldon s most popular and bestselling titles repackaged and reissued for a new generation of fans Kate Blackwell is one of the richest and most powerful women in the world She is an enigma a woman surrounded by a thousand unanswered questions Her father was a diamond prospector who struck it rich beyond his wildest dreams Her mother was the daughter of a crooked Afrikaaner merchant Her conception was itself an act of hate filled vengeance At the extravagent celebrations of her ninetieth birthday there are toasts from a Supreme Court Judge and a telegram from the White House And for Kate there are ghosts ghosts of absent friends and of enemies Ghosts from a life of blackmail and murder Ghosts from an empire spawned by naked ambition Sidney Sheldon is one of the most popular storytellers in the world This is one of his best loved novels a compulsively readable thriller packed with suspense intrigue and passion It will recruit a new generation of fans to his writing

Rating: 3.27 out of 5

Tell Me Your Dreams

Tell Me Your Dreams Description:

Computer whiz Ashley Patterson is convinced she is being stalked Coworker Toni Prescott has a penchant for Internet dating and little time for anyone else And Alette Peters prefers quiet weekends in the arms of a beefcake artist They know virtually nothing about each other until the three women are linked by a murder investigation that will lead to one of the most bizarre trials of the century

Rating: 3.42 out of 5

The Other Side of Midnight (Midnight #1)

The Other Side of Midnight (Midnight #1) Description:

Paris Washington a peaceful Midwestern campus a fabulous villa in Greece all part of a terrifying web of intrigue and treachery as a ruthless trio of human beings an incredibly beautiful film star a legendary Greek tycoon a womanizing international adventurer use an innocent American girl as a bewildered horror stricken pawn in a desperate game of vengeance and betrayal love and lust life and death

Rating: 3.78 out of 5

Rage of Angels

Rage of Angels Description:

A worldwide bestseller first published in this novel tells the story of Jennifer Parker a successful lawyer who is loved by two men one a politician the other a mafia don Other work by the author includes The Other Side of Midnight and If Tomorrow Comes

Rating: 3.41 out of 5


Bloodline Description:

Sheldon s sweeping saga of greed and betrayal sabotage and danger and the ties that can kill br br Roffe and Sons is a family firm an international empire filled with desperate cash hungry family members At its head was one of the wealthiest men in the world a man who has just died in a mysterious accident and left his only daughter Elizabeth in control of the company Now as this intelligent tough and beautiful young woman dares to save not sell Roffe and Sons she will have to outwit those who secretly want her power and the unknown assassin who wants her life

Rating: 3.74 out of 5

Windmills of the Gods

Windmills of the Gods Description:

No description available

Rating: 3.63 out of 5

Nothing Lasts Forever

Nothing Lasts Forever Description:

i Librarian s note There is an Alternate Cover Edition for this edition of this book a href https www goodreads com book show here title here rel nofollow here a i br br Three young doctors their hopes their dreams their unexpected desires br br Dr Paige Taylor She swore it was euthanasia but when Paige inherited a million dollars from a patient the D A called it murder br br Dr Kat Hunter She vowed never to let another man too close again until she accepted the challenge of a deadly bet br br Dr Honey Taft To make it in medicine she knew she d need something more than the brains God gave her br br Racing from the life and death decisions of a big major hospital to the tension packed fireworks of a murder trial Nothing Lasts Forever lays bare the ambitions and fears of healers and killers lovers and betrayers

Rating: 3.31 out of 5

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Are You Afraid of the Dark? Description:

i The new novel that Sidney Sheldon s millions of fans all over the world have been waiting for And like his seventeen previous books it is destined for a top place on bestseller lists everywhere i br br In New York Denver Paris and Berlin four people have died separately in apparent accidents Two women the widows of two of the dead find themselves under ruthless attack and are drawn together in fear confusion and for mutual protection But are they being targeted because one of them is the prosecution witness at a famous criminal trial Or is there a connection to the mystery behind their husband s deaths Meanwhile Tanner Kingsley br br Chief Executive of an international Think Tank created only seven years ago is on the cusp of an amazing discovery which could alter the future of the world If properly handled the outcome of this could deliver unbelievable power into the company s hands But are the mysterious deaths connected to this volatile secret And can it be further protected br br Thrown together the women could not be more different Diane Stevens is a well connected affluent artist from the Upper East Side Philadelphia neighbourhood with a new uncle every month believed she had at last found safety and contentment in Paris married to a brilliant scientist br br Taut with suspense and vivid characterization and with an unnervingly realistic premise that could alter our lives ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK is Sheldon at the top of his form

Rating: 3.35 out of 5

The Sands of Time

The Sands of Time Description:

Four nuns find themselves suddenly thrust into a hostile world they long ago abandoned for the safety of the convent Unwittingly they become pawns in a battle between the charismatic Jaime Mir leader of the outlawed Basque nationalists and the ruthless Colonel Ram n Acoca of the Spanish Amy br Four women and the men they are forbidden to love br Megan the orphan who feels an overpowering attraction to Jaime br Lucia the fiery Sicilian beauty on the run for murder and Rubio Arzano the freedom fighter who risks his life to save her br Teresa whose guilty conscience finally drives her to betray her friends br Graciela who bears a terrible secret that almost destroys her and the courageous Ricardo who loves her br br From the same author of the books The Other Side of Midnight Rage of Angels Bloodline and Windmills of the Gods The book is set in Spain and centres around four nuns and their unwitting involvement with outlawed Basque nationalists and the Spanish Army

Rating: 3.63 out of 5