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Hidden (Northern Waste, #2) (Rating: 2 - 47 votes)

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Title:Hidden (Northern Waste, #2)
Format Type:eBook PDF / e-Pub
(Rating: 2 - 47 votes)
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Number of Pages:157

Eve Kenin Hidden (Northern Waste, #2)

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Hidden (Northern Waste, #2) For most of her life Tatiana was imprisoned, tortured in the name of science, her DNA used to create a plague that could wipe out the entire population of the Northern Waste. But since her escape she's no one's victim. Not any more. She means to hunt down her tormentor, kill him, and destroy the plague he created. Nothing slows her down or distracts her from her mission. Until she encounters the mysterious Tristan who claims his goals match hers. Enemy or ally, she has no way to know...but she does know better than to trust a smart and sexy stranger who's alpha to the core. While her body aches for his touch, her mind recognizes that he's a man with secrets and a hidden agenda of his own. She means to discover what he's hiding, but first they'll have to survive ice pirates, a lethal plague, and being trapped in an underground lab, running like rats in a maze from a deadly threat unleashed by a madman.This edition of HIDDEN contains new scenes!"[Silver] deftly matches a relentless, action-driven plot with a tough-as-nails heroine to create an edgy, adrenaline-boosting, sexy, and richly imaginative futuristic romance." --John Charles, Booklist"Larger-than-life protagonists, vivid descriptions, lush sensuality, and violent, fast-paced action make a fascinating premise come to life with stunning clarity in this high energy story that...will appeal to romance and science fiction fans alike."--Library Journal"...[Silver] keeps bringing a fresh aspect to romance with strong worldbuilding and a poignant love story. It's a true marriage of the themes of fantasy/science fiction and romance..."--DearAuthor.com"[Silver]'s name is fast becoming synonymous with high-octane, gritty adventure...What immediately elevates these books, besides great plotting and worldbuilding, is the depth and texture of her characters. This is a perfect action romance!"--RT BOOKreviews"...this is not only a fabulous read, it's taut, sexy adventure at its finest."--Caroline Linden, USA Today bestselling autho

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